Monday, November 19, 2007

Taking a bite out of crime in San Francisco.

Last night I djed at The Knockout the second night in a row for the WAR Magazine release party. It was pretty alright, considering I got to play black metal on a loud system. 100 Suns played as well, and they were good, but the other band Impaled sucked a camel's balls with hotsauce. On my walk home, three fat white girls were yelling and pushing each other in the middle of Valencia street. They were the ghettofied sort that began and punctuated every sentence with the word bitch. That was amusing, but not the noteworthy event for the evening.

I got back to Jordan's around 2:30am and hit the couch to get some sleep. Jordan's place is on Valencia between 25th and 26th in The Mission. After about ten minutes of attempted sleep, I heard what sounded like a window being smashed from the street. I got up from the couch to look out the window, where I saw two black men walking down the street all nonchalant, but I continued to watch them. They walked to the end of the block and stopped. One of the men turned around and started back down the block. That's when I grabbed my phone and called the police. He was looking in all the house windows up and down the street. I described the two men to the police dispatcher. The man walked down most of the block and then turned around again. He then stopped at a blue Lexus and reached in the window, evidentally broken. The lights on the car started blinking and so they both walked away from the car to the end of the block. Just as I was telling the dispatcher they were turning right on 25th, a cop car stopped in front of them and froze them in their tracks. I said to the dispatcher, "Oh! The cops just stopped them!." and she told someone, "You have the right suspects." Then she hung up.

It was so exciting; like a video game only better. I totally thwarted their evil intentions! It felt so good to get some retribution for the crime that was commited to my car when I lived here. Some worthless dick broke one of my rear windows in my piece of shit Toyota Corolla and took the rear-view mirror and a fake iced-out platinum chain with a cross that was hanging from my rear-view. What the fuck would they want that shit for? And to top it all off, they wiped a booger on the driver's side window. I was pretty bummed, but last night made it almost ok. I love defeating crime!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Don't be caught unawares.

Two events, one weekend, same bar... don't nap.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

You need to be HERE tonight.

Solid Gold!
This Thursday 11/8 at The Tower Bar in San Diego
Jeremy Jay (K Records)
Soul records played by Sir Charles and Mario Orduno
9-2am (Don't be a fool, it starts EARLY)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hey everyone! Cool new rules for wife beating!

Evidently, there are rules to beating your wife. I wish someone would have told me before now. Shit.

I like this next guy's outlook on a man's wants and needs. Women should take heed to this.