Saturday, December 13, 2008

A stocking full of SHIT.

This coming Thursday, Ryan and I invite you all to join us at The Knockout for Christmas caroling, gift giving, and eggnog in celebration of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Harry Christ. Just kidding. More like listening to ssuuuuuuuper shitty music turned up way too loud, me withering abuse on unsuspecting bar patrons over the microphone, and binge drinking of your grog of choice, which is probably Tecate or some such trash. Actually, I'm going to try to talk John into letting us do a drink special with eggnog. Eggnog/Redbull/vodka maybe. That sounds pretty scrumptious. Oh, and Jamie Jams will be playing all his "original 12 inches" that night too. After this, I will never have to hear him say, "Dude I have that 12 inch" ever again. Thank Jesus' bloody face for that! Just kidding, bro. I might make a Worst Christmas Ever mix cd to hand out too.

And then....

Yes, it's the return of the stupid old Bassment. I am going to try to get you kids some lil stocking stuffers and shit, and actually just read the flier for all the other info.

Monday, December 8, 2008

TJ Ted strikes back!

If you know me you may know that I work in La Jolla. If you know me you definitely know that I HATE La Jolla. The worst place on Earth. So chock full of spoiled bratty bitches it makes me want to put a jihad on these fools. But, it's not all rich babies there either. There is a homeless bum man named TJ Ted that loiters around my work with his shopping cart, a two liter of spiked Coke, and some kind-ass stanky feet all the time. Dude is demented and drunk and stinky. I don't really dig him so much. One of my coworkers showed me this video of a stupid fucking Jesus freak trying to exorcise "the demons" from Ted's soul, and Ted putting the fool in his place. My opinion of him has been redeemed. I really think Bill Maher would enjoy this one. Peep!

Friday, December 5, 2008

A new remix for that ass.

I just got done with this remix of 96 Tears by the mighty ? and The Mysterians, and I think it's pretty A.O.K.

Click the link below for a free download.

96 Tears (Booty Bassment Remix)