Monday, January 5, 2009

I've come out of retirement for something major.

I haven't written on this goddang blog for a while. You may or may not have noticed. But I have something important to tell you about, or else I would not waste your time. Believe me, that's the last thing I would do. I actually feel a bit rusty right now. Anyway, here's the reason why you're reading this: The Snuggie.

The price on the video is different than current promotion they are running. You can actually own your own Snuggie for a mere $19.95 plus $7.95 P+H (that means "postage and handling"). You get not only this amazing wearable blanket; you get TWO AMAZING WEARABLE BLANKETS, AND a free book light. The only problem I see with the Snuggie is that it's ugly as shit. It looks like a frickin' friar's robe.

The other thing about it is that you can't get secret handjobs under the covers while you and your friends are watching movies in the livingroom. That's a negative. No trapdoor-spider techniques with the Snuggie. That's unfortunate.

My only wish is that I would have seen the Snuggie commercial before Christmas so I could have asked Santa for one. Kinda disappointing. Now I have to buy it myself. Well, the thing is is that I wanted to wear it when I dj at The Worst Music Ever. It just looks so comfy. I always think to myself before I leave the house to dj, "Should I bring the blanket tonight?" But I never do because it's real hard to dj with a blanket on without having arm holes. I've done it before. It was hard. I just want to be real real comfy and warm when I play.


Manjari said...

I have been thinking about Snuggies a lot lately too. I'm glad that we're on the same page.

She-bible said...

Can you and Ryan both please please please wear Snuggies at the next WME??? I need that. Pleeeeaaase!!!

Melissa said...

This joke has been the Meyer family inside joke for years. I am that laydee. And now that it's no longer a secret, I feel at peace with myself and the world.