Monday, February 9, 2009

Some Gnew Gnews.

I love Ryan's last post. To those of you who do not get it, it is a reference to last month's Booty Bassment in San Francisco at which we accepted a last minute guest dj by the name of Mr. Dibbs. Initially I was a bit apprehensive to have him play, because every time we let someone else in the Circle of Trust (as Ryan and I refer to it), they inevitably let us down. But then I thought about how cool Dibbs was before and I said FUCK IT. He only wanted $200, so we'll take the risk. Besides, El-P (of Company Flow) was coming to hang out too, and that kinda makes me all excited and shaky.

So, the dude shows up at like midnight with all his equipment and thuggy friends. I was already a bit peeved at that, because we then had to tear down all the equipment and rearrange to accommodate our guest. WHATEVER. So we get all his gear up and running and by then Ryan and I had the crowd in the palm of our little hand. Dibbs comes on and pushes play on his iTunes. A mash up of Don't Stop Believin' and Billy Jean comes on. Shit man. I thought this dude was like some hardcore hip-hop guy or something? He proceeds to unleash mash after mash on the poor poor crowd, all the while scratching his dumb little cd mixer thingy and drinking Mickey's Big Mouths. Needless to say, it sucked.

There were a couple songs here and there that worked, but over all the crowd was bummed and so were Ryan and I. I mean, the guy wasn't even DJing! He had blocks of premixed mash ups that he had arranged and played out of iTunes, and he just did cuts and sound effects over them. It was really embarrassing. I politely informed Dibbs that Ryan and I wanted to play the last half hour and that he should wrap it up. He pointed at the 12 minutes and counting number on the track he was playing and I said, "That's fine." 12 minutes passes, and he is still going. After about three songs I looked at him and kinda gave him the WTF face. He just smiled at me and shrugged like "I dunno? Fuck you guys!" I was getting pissed. He FINALLY finished up after playing an El-P song that absolutely nobody gave a shit about, including El-P, and we attempted some damage control with a bounce set.

The night ends and Dibbs is nowhere to be found. Ryan and I start cleaning up and putting all the equipment away. Dibbs is still not around to clean up his gear. So we have to do it, like I'm his goddamn mommy or something. I was fucking over it. We had to pay this fucking guy $200 for dispersing our dancefloor and allowing us to clean up his shit for him. On top of all that, he didn't even thank us and his friends tagged all over the bar and the taqueria next door. Great job, Dibbs!

Now that I got that off my chest I can tell you about some good news. This coming Saturday Mario and I are doing a lil' ol' Valentine's Day Party at The Casbah with our friends Kill Me Tomorrow and Crocodiles. It's gonna be so super rad and lovely.

I also wanted to tell you that the Booty Bassment San Francisco Two Year Anniversary Party is this month on the 21st. We are doing a booty shake contest again and there's gonna be like a whole bunch of weird people disrespecting themselves and others on stage for cash and prizes. I am making some new t-shirts to give away (to girls) and sell (to guys) too. The flier is still in the works but will be up soon. Cool...

Oh and Ryan sent me an instant message this morning that read, "I boned in a snuggie. I rule."

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of him boning in his Snuggie.

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Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. It really takes some balls to pull some shit like that. Sorry dudes...