Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shake Appeal - on some next.

We have officially parted ways with The Beauty Bar (good riddance to bad trash) and our next Shake Appeal is going to be MAJOR. It's at an all new location for this time only, and I can't say where right now because the owner is very sensi with this shit, but just think back to the good old golden era of the rave.... let's say 1992... and imagine where you would find yourself, high on cheap acid, with your face being melted off by 10 bass bins. Yes, THAT is where Shake Appeal is going to be.

And just the icing on the cake... a special set by (thee) Mike B of LAX and Banana Split (L.A.). If you haven't heard what this guy is doing, it's time to wake from the nap. Great mixtapes, great remixes, great edits, and he is actually a great dj on top of it all. No sneakers in the dryer here, unlike some.

I mean, come on! He's about as cuddly looking as a goddamn Koala. Really.

Presale tickets will be on sale at 5 & A Dime for $5. $3 tickets available for a limited time exclusively through our email RSVP - And it will be $7 the night of the event.

Doors open at 11pm and close ???

Mike B - Live from LAX

Mike B - SPLIT Mix

Mike B myspace

Knish Hit Squad myspace

Graveleaf myspace

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